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"Until I tried it, I had no idea how fun and easy it was to develop a dating portal. I literally had it ready within minutes and within three hours, had my first sale. Within just two months, we have become one of the largest online services in the entire country. I am thrilled about everything already accomplished and excited to see what other future opportunities await. Thank you, FriendSearch!"





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Online Dating Services are one of the most lucrative and exciting business and personal opportunities flooding the internet today. It is certainly one of the only verticals producing serious profits for both large and small online businesses. Information provided by the Online Publishers Association sums it up when reported "The Personals / Dating category surpassed both Business/Investments and Entertainment/Lifestyles to become the largest paid content category in 2002 with $302 million in revenues, up from $72 million in 2001."

If you are eager to become a part of this booming industry, as you read on, you will see why this is such a huge benefit. The opportunities available for anyone with a website are enormous. By making the decision to partner with us, you have the advantage of building on our existing infrastructure. All you have to do is plug-in our Dating Engine and you gain immediate access to one of the most, if not the greatest, profitable and successful dating website out there today. With the connections, you have a huge advantage over your competitors in terms of financial prospects.

So, how can you take advantage of this? Use our existing dating engine, build a dating website and watch crazy singles flock to it! You don’t even have to start from scratch! Simply "plug-in" and you have access to millions of existing singles in over 250 countries. FriendSearch can serve as revenue fuel for new dating sites, or just as a value added addition to your current site. Large or small, every site or webmaster can profit from partnering with us.


  • New online dating services. Or, existing dating sites who wish to let us manage the hard part (managing the the backend, database, collection, support, features upgrades, and more), while concentrating on marketing and promotion.
  • Existing websites that need exciting content to create better user retention and web stickiness.
  • Small, medium or large content sites that need an infusion of revenue and customer loyalty.
  • Offline media to include radio, television, magazines, and newspaper companies, all wanting to create additional financial opportunities. For more detail, view our Partnership Opportunities.
  • B2B providers, ISPs, Service providers, Webmaster Resource sites, Portals, Free Website Hosts, and other super large websites can check out our Partnership Opportunties.
  • Stars and Famous people. Improve your popularity and earn more money. See Partnership Opportunities.

 Business Improvements

  • Incremental recurring revenues
  • New revenue source and opportunities each day.
  • Exciting, new, and fun content to capture the attention of existing and new Members.
  • Increased level of customer loyalty and company branding.

Studies show that dating revenue shot up as much as 76% last year alone, and is targeted to grow well beyond expectations.

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Webmasters & Website Owners

How would you like to join the dating team today? You can in as little as one minute! Simply sign-up, log-in, copy and paste HTML content, and the next thing you know, you will be providing online dating personals for literally millions of Members. You will be amazed at how quickly your membership will grow and excited as you watch your revenues increase month after month!

To bring even more excitement to the table, simply customize and design your website as a means of attracting and connecting your online users to one another within your own private label/brand (, or, Just imagine – dating and online services are unlimited.

With, you will have the opportunity of choosing between two major communities, each specially designed to meet all Members needs:

Now offering two major communities:
Friendship, Dating, and Love community Adult and Swingers community is a primary website designed for exciting online dating services. Current membership subscriptions are in the millions with more Members joining every day. This website is designed and dedicated to individuals seeking friendship, love and romance, and long-term, committed relationships. Excellent revenue source for any website.


Does your site cater to a more "adults only"audience? Our Adult Friend Search personals site is specifically targeted for individuals seeking a thrill and alternative lifestyle. The online connection offered through this service is designed to bring as many individuals together who want something different. This site has proven to be an AWESOME REVENUE GENERATOR for our partners and affiliates. With millions of active members with sexy R-Rated photos, Adult Friend Search is most popular for people that need something a little “eXtra”.

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